Import tournament

To import a tournament a tournament export has to precede.

Import from PC CADDIE Server

:!: To use this feature, both users (exporting and importing) need PC CADDIE.

As soon as you know that another PC CADDIE club has exported a competition for you to the PC CADDIE server you can start the import. Go to Competitions/Import competition and then Load shareable competitions from internet.

Click OK in the next window. You will not need a password.

Now you will see an overview of all tournaments that have been shared with you.

For the most number of users this list will show a rather smaller number of shared tournaments. But even with a larger number you can easily identify the tournament that has been shared recently. Note the “yellow colour”, the tournament date, the date and time of export and you will quickly find the tournament you want to import. Select the tournament and click OK. The tournament will be loaded and you can then find it in your tournament list.

;-) In case the tournament already exists in your list it will not be overwritten. It will be highlighted in grey and can be used as an archive, so you can always check the last status.

Import from DGV-Intranet

:!: In this case the exporting club uses a different club management software.

:!: It is absolutely necessary that the exporting club enters YOUR DGV NUMBER to the tournament, so your club number has the right to import the tournament from the intranet. If the DGV number is not provided, an import will not be possible. It is also important that the exporting club will transfer every update to the intranet (start list, results, start list of 2nd round etc…).

If you want to import a tournament that has been uploaded to the DGV intranet by a club that uses a different club management software, go to Competitions/Import competition and then click Load tournament from Intranet.

After that you click the button Load competition from DGV Intranet.

In the following window it is absolutely necessary to enter the DGV number of the exporting club as well as the tournament ID which only the exporting club can tell you. A DGV tournament ID is a 12-digit number and could look like this: 490000353543

When everything has been entered, click OK and the tournament will be loaded.

:!: For tournament from the DGV intranet you will have to load the course data separately and add them to the competition: Load course data

When importing tournaments you should also adjust the settings for the prize categories: Prize categories

Import from file

If for various reasons you cannot use the handy feature Import tournament from PC CADDIE server and want to load a tournament file, go to Competitions/Import competition and then select Load tournament from file. You can import a file from a USB stick or maybe you received the file as an email attachment. Save this attachment on your computer.

:!: Then pay attention to the following points:

  1. If you select a competition as target it will be overwritten (CAREFUL), in case of doubt leave the field empty.
  2. The suggested check marks as seen on the picture are set as default an in most cases correct.
  3. Do not add any check marks in the third topic “CAREFUL”, in case of doubts contact our PC CADDIE support. :?: Have you made a Fast backup?
  4. Select the directory to import from.

Click on the button on the top right Import. You will then find the tournament in your tournament list.

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