Value added tax changeover

You can find this point under Turnover/Annual closing/VAT conversion. The VAT conversion function is required if the VAT rate is changed, for example due to a change in the law.

:!: Please always make a Fast data backup first.

:!: The VAT conversion must be carried out separately in each account area.

:!: It can only be carried out on the day of the increase/reduction; before the first posting.

:!: If you would like to leave the net price as it is instead of the gross price, select this in the field Leave price field accordingly. The new gross price is calculated automatically.

;-) PC CADDIE memorises the new VAT rate and automatically suggests it for new articles. Only tick the box „Save new VAT rate as default“ for the most common VAT rate (e.g. 19%)

:!: In the event of a statutory VAT change, please do not forget to convert the articles with a reduced VAT rate. These must be converted in a 2nd step!

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