For labeling the articles in the pro shop you should use labels that are easy to remove.

The label print is automatically saved for every incoming article with the status „normal“. This means you can enter several numbers of incoming goods and print all labels at once at a later time.

If you want to print additional labels for individual articles you can do this at any time.

To get to the print dialogue, go to Articles/Print…/Barcode labels.

  1. Definition of order
  2. Select a specific article
  3. Select a specific group of articles
  4. Select a supplier
  5. Options with or without small items
  6. Define number of labels, labels according to delivery or stock
  7. Definition of first printable label
  8. See next chapter
  9. See next chapter
  10. Delete the label storage

Adjust label settings

This is where you set the dimensions for your labels. The sizes of your labels can be found on the packaging and set accordingly.

Please do not make any changes to the „label text“ in the general settings. If you need any adjustments, please contact the PC CADDIE support.

After entering incoming articles the labels are automatically saved to the label storage. This is where they will be printed.

You can delete single labels, adjust the number of labels or empty the whole list with Enter details of label list.

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