List of outgoing invoices

You can create a list of outgoing invoices under Accounts/Print…/List of invoices.

;-) You don't need to make any additional settings if you print the list of outgoing invoices immediately after creating the invoices

:!: Pay particular attention to the date (1) and in points shown below (2). Make sure the Only amounts unequally 0 is not checked if you need the list for the tax office. This is the only way you can include all the invoice numbers, including the ones for the invoices with 0 amount that you have canceled.

Click Print (F8) after you have made all the settings. The list of outgoing invoices provides additional information: whether the bill is already paid, if a reminder was printed, or whether the bill recipient has granted a debit authorization, among other things.

Click on Print invoice copies under Accounts/Print…/List of invoices.

The following window opens, and you can enter the relevant invoices' numbers.

;-) Press Print (F8) to get to the desired duplicates. The layout you set under Accounts/Invoices using the Edit button is used: Invoices.

Cancel invoice numbers

:!: You may only withdraw invoices that were recently printed, rather than ones that have been created, for example, 4 weeks ago. You can only cancel an invoice once more invoice numbers have been generated.

:!: Please make a Fast backup in advance.

Click on Cancel invoice numbers under Accounts/Print…/List of Invoices. The following window opens:

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