Re-indexing databases

The sorting of the PC CADDIE databases takes place through the databases indexing. It may happen that the data is not stored properly due to power fluctuations, traffic overload, etc. This can lead to problems - for example, incorrectly displayed lists or the inability to show daily statements at the cash register. In these cases, it is helpful to index the database.

You can access this function via the menu item Setup/Sort Databases. The following window opens:

  1. Use the default setting All databases.
  2. Likewise, use the default All active areas.
  3. Check the Lock other workstations box if PC CADDIE is opened on other workstation as well. We recommend that you always check this box.
    :!: Please use the option Pack databases only after consulting the PC CADDIE Support team.

:!: Indexing databases may take some time. All other PC CADDIE sessions should be terminated in order to ensure that all databases can be edited. It may sometimes be useful to index only a portion of the database.

;-) PC CADDIE automatically suggest an Intensive data check every Tuesday upon starting the program. Please always confirm this action with OK.

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