List of clubs

You can print the list of clubs under Setup/Clubs+Courses/Print…/Club List.

Selection by groups

Of particular interest here are individual selection possibilities based on groups; for example, if you want to print a list containing only the clubs with which you have a green fee agreement. First, you have to prepare the club data. Select the desired group under Setup/ Clubs+Courses/ … new, edit, delete and press Edit.

Now enter an abbreviation in the field of your choice for each club with which you have a green fee agreement (the abbreviation should be the same each of these clubs). Now enter the same abbreviation (for example “GV”) in the Group field when printing the club list.

You will obtain the following list:

Selection based on the golf association

Or maybe you want a list for a specific golf association. In this case you should use the field Golf association. Enter the association’s abbreviation.

You can enter multiple abbreviations separated by commas if you want to simultaneously print all the golf clubs from multiple associations (for example, “BAY,BW” for Bayern and Baden-Württemberg Golf Associations).

AbbrGolg association
BWBaden-Württemberg Golf Association
BAYBavarian Golf Association
BERBerlin-Brandenburg Golf Association
HAMHamburg Golf Association
HESHessian Golf Association
M/V Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania Golf Association
NIE Lower Saxony / Bremen Golf Association
NRW North Rhine-Westphalia Golf Association
RP Rhineland-Palatinate / Saarland Golf Association
AN State Golf Association Saxony-Anhalt
TH Saxony and Thuringia Golf Association
SH Schleswig-Holstein Golf Association

Using SH for the Schleswig-Holstein Golf Association you obtain this list:

Selection based on country

Enter the country code in the Golf association field.


All clubs that have registered the corresponding country code with the club number are listed:

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