PC CADDIE://online APP plus Responsive Design

The PC CADDIE://online APP includes all golf courses that want to be connected. The golf courses publish the services they offer. If a golf club has tee times and trainer reservations, these are available under its name. If it has tournaments, they will be published accordingly.

The responsive design ensures perfect integration on your website.

Please contact us via our Contact form if you have problems using the app, or if you have any comments and suggestions. Select PC CADDIE APP User (Golfer).

Download APP

Download our Golf Services booking app for iOS, Android or Windows Phone.

How to get to the PC CADDIE://online APP in just a few steps:

Download iOS Download Android Download Windows

  • Simply tap on the appropriate button for your device to start downloading the free PC CADDIE://online APP.
  • Install the APP on your respective device.
  • Log in with your existing PC CADDIE://online login details.
  • Choose your club where you would like to make your bookings.

;-) Have fun with the multiclub PC CADDIE://online APP.


Here you will find the matching QR code. This opens the appropriate APP store. The QR code recognizes the device.

Plus Responsive Design

  • Responsive web design automatically adjusts the PC CADDIE://online services to the respective output device.
  • This is accompanied by the PC CADDIE://online APP. The services booked with us adapt perfectly both in the APP, as well as on your website.
  • This provides the perfect service for your customers.

PC/Laptop view

The menu on the left remains open. The contents extend to the entire screen width.

Tablet view

Depending on the width of the tablet, the menu may be folded. The scorecard is also displayed.

Smartphone view

The application is perfectly adapted for smartphones as well.

Additional features APP plus responsive design

Cross-country course selection

Your customers can find the desired courses in different ways. The course selection only shows the golf courses which have the additional module PC CADDIE://online APP plus Responsive Design.

Country selection

Just click on the desired flag.

Letter selection

Just enter the desired letters and find the corresponding courses.

Geographic selection

A map can be used to zoom in on the desired area.

Daily info as RSS feed

Post a message once and publish it in several places - easy with the PC CADDIE://online APP:

Feel free to contact your PC CADDIE://online customer service. We are happy to help.

Facebook integration

Please feel free to contact your PC CADDIE://online customer service if you also want to publish your Facebook messages in the APP.


All PC CADDIE://online services are available in 4 languages: German (de), French (fr), Italian (it) and English (en).

The links can be integrated into your website for each language. Please feel free to contact your PC CADDIE://online customer service.

;-) Please see the example of an PC CADDIE://online Tournament management in Wylihof. By default, the link is set to the German language.

ICS download for events

Global download

Import the complete tournament calendar into your private calendar by pressing the ICS button.

Single download

If you are only interested in a single event, you can quickly and easily import it via the tournament details by pressing load ICS file.

Personal scorecard

The PC CADDIE://online Scorecards calculator can be activated upon request. Feel free to contact your PC CADDIE://online customer service.

Marshal administration

The PC CADDIE://online Marshal-Administration is also available. Your PC CADDIE://online customer service will be happy to assist you.

Booking options

Different options are available during the tee time booking:

Carts, trolleys or rental bags can be booked as well. The customer can opt for various additional services per person per booking. This service is reserved accordingly in the local PC CADDIE.

We are happy to assist you in activating these services.

Questions? Issues? Suggestions?

If you have any questions or requests, please feel free to contact your PC CADDIE://online customer service.

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