Configure Timetable-rules

The Timetable rules allow you to restrict the booking opportunities for certain persons, and to set specific times or courses; PC CADDIE will automatically identify and execute them.

:?: In order to define these automatic constraints you have to be able to answer to two fundamental questions:

1. WHO IS ALLOWED to book, when, how, and how often, and who is NOT ALLOWED to make bookings?
2. WHEN and FOR WHOM different greenfee prices apply?

;-) Constraint examples from practice:

  • Every 30 minutes the tee time can only be reserved by members
  • Only 1 tee time is possible on weekends
  • Golfers can only be booked once per tee time
  • Golfers can only be booked once every four hours

So you can exclude groups of people, set time constraints and numerical limits, and define rules for a better, color-coded view of the local timetable.

You can define the Timetable rules/booking restrictions under the menu entry Timetable/Configure Timetable-Rules or in Timetable using the key combination Ctrl + F11

  • This window offers you an overview of the timetable rules.
  • If one area is opened in the timetable, you can choose to see only the timetable rules which apply for this area by ticking the corresponding check-box
  • The rules can be illustrated in the timetable using color-coding.
  • Furthermore, you can assign a range of accounts to the timetable. In this example the account range is SALES.

To be noted

Now we will explain simple filter functions for a better understanding on how to create Timetable rules. The following principles must be observed.

:!: Always follow the principle: The timetable rules are always referring to a “Restriction” or an “Interdiction” - which applies for a certain group, for a certain time,… The name must be descriptive enough so that the group or the user understands what the rule is about- also for the PC CADDIE://online bookings.

:!: Divide the rules in smaller groups and analyze each “Interdiction” individually from time to time.

:!: Please note that for the price/article assignment, the higher a rule is in the list, the higher priority it has.

;-) It might help to sketch a classification scheme in order to make sure you remember everything.

Click on New (F9), to create a new rule:

Filter + Time | When and for whom applies the rule?

We now show how to use the individual fields of this function, starting with the tab Filter + Time:

  1. Name Use a short and illustrative name for the rule (the interdiction). This must be meaningful enough for the customer to understand what it is even for the PC CADDIE://online bookings.
  2. Persons Define a group of persons for your rule. You can choose from the available selection or create a new group by clicking the button Define.
    :!: The rule „neutral“ from our example applies to “everybody”.
    In the same time you have to set who the rule applies to: everybody or only the person making the booking, for example.
  3. Days Decide on which days the rule must be active. Activate those days by clicking on the particular boxes.
    :!: We selected all the days of the week in our example.
  4. Holidays The button Enter holidays allows you to set the holidays.
    :!: It is important that holidays are entered in the order of their dates. You have the following options:

    Option 1 means “it does not apply to holidays”. The second option means the rule also applies to all holidays. Option 3 can be better understood with the Sunday example: the rule does not apply if the Sunday is also a public holiday (because the “Holiday” box was not checked); however,this does not apply to all the holidays, this is why Options 1 and 2 are not enough in this case. Option 4 is useful for setting rules that only apply when Monday (for example) is a holiday, allowing you to define special rules for Easter or Whit Mondays.
  5. Time Specify the time in which the rule will be active.
    :!: In this case, the rule counts for the whole day, so you can leave this field empty.
  6. Duration Here you can enter a specified duration for the rule. Put breaks to ensure the booking window. (For example, reservations for guests are available only on the hour, etc.)
  7. Valid from/to If a rule is not generally admitted but only during particular times of the year, here is the place to define those times.
  8. Effective from Here you can define, for example, the start time for blocking an action.
  9. Nullified from Here you can define, for example, the ending time for blocking the bookings.
  10. Valid for Here you can define if a rule is only valid for a certain kind of bookings.
  11. Temporarily disable this rule :!: Do not delete any rules. Deactivate them instead - just in case you will need them again one day.

Article | When and for what article applies the rule?

You can select the article targeted by a rule defined as previously described using the tab Article.

:!: Exceptions: You can specify the group of persons for which the exception apply in the article description - (Article automatic processes). The basic settings apply if there are no exceptions defined.

Case study: All guests pay a specified greenfee price on weekends and public holidays. Exception: guests with the status Interested party pay no greenfee during the weekend, but they do pay a fee on holidays.

For this example, the greenfee article looks like in the following screenshot:

The exception can be defined using the button Assign autom. (automatic).

All the guests pay the set price during the weekend:

However, all Interested parties pay it only during the holidays:

  • This type of rules are generally used for the automatic allocation of articles considering a given time period.
  • These rules are also needed for the Customer terminal.
  • It makes sense to define the rules at the level of articles containing several sub-articles - i.e., you defined the exception in the definition of the main article. You should also consider articles with or without follow-up reservations.

Booking restrictions | What limitations are there?

The Booking restriction functionality offered by PC CADDIE facilitates the automation of limitations using the timetable rules.

  1. Pre-bookable Define here how many days in advance a certain group can make reservations (set in the Filter+Time tab).

    :!: For Swiss golf courses: the pre-booking must be complemented in separate rules, so that this information can be factored into golfsuisse.
    :!: For other golf courses: the pre-booking is set using the PC CADDIE://online Club manager for members and guests.
  2. Within a Tee time The value indicates how many times a person may register for the same tee time (for example, to reserve for a friend)
  3. Within +/- X days This is used to restrict the maximum number of bookings within the number of days entered here. (for example, max. 1 booking in 7 days
  4. Bookings / Holes (This point is associated with 5.)
  5. Maximum occupied days together with 3., use this field to define a booking restriction applying to individual bookings, the maximum number of holes (for example, max. 36 holes can be played in 7 days) or a maximum of occupied days (for example, one may make as many bookings as he wants, but they all must be on the same day).
    :!: When you set up a booking restriction with respect to a maximum number of holes, it is imperative that the relevant Timetable areas and the number of holes are specified.
  6. Mode
    - Calculate days +/- individually: Starting from the day the reservation is made (NOT from the day for which the reservation is made), X days are counted individually in both future and past.
    - Calculate days together: This means, for example, that for three days and for the reservation made on Monday PC CADDIE counts the compbination of +/- 3 days: Sa., Su., Mo. / Su., Mo., tu. / Mo., Tu., We
    - Calculate from day of entry: This calculates the reservations / holes from the day for which the reservation is made. That is useful, for example, if a customer wants to be able to make a maximum of X bookings in the next 14 days; or on an annual basis: max. 10 reservations in 365 days.
    only use the days of this filter This is an important option, allowing the calculation of only those bookings / holes from the day for which the rule is valid.
  7. Also check these areas: If the booking limitations apply to the entire system, you can specify here on which particular area should PC CADDIE search for the reservations.
    :!: Please only check if the rule applies to the entire area.
  8. Minimum time interval between bookings Define here the minimum time interval between tee times.
    :!: This may differ depending on the course (9 holes or 18 holes), so you may need 2 rules.
  9. Maximum handicap difference in flight This is the maximum difference between the best and the worst golfer.
  10. Maximum handicap total in flight The sum of the handicap of all the golfers in the group cannot exceed this amount.

Visualization| How does a rule look like?

Use this dialog to define how a rule looks like. You can find here the answer to the following questions:

:?: Should there be a warning sign?
:?: If yes, which one?
:?: Is the rule a general one, or does it only apply to specific booking processes?
:?: Should it be represented using colors in the timetable? etc.

  1. Warning Here you can define whether and when you want to receive a warning if this rule applies.
    :!: No bookings can be made if the warning is enabled; the person making the booking will receive the customer information stored in the Identifier field or under Point 7.
    :!: Be brief and clear.
    :!: You must select no warning regarding the filters for all the settings made in the tab Booking restrictions, otherwise the rule will be blocking without further examination - even if only the filter applies(for example, All Persons).
  2. Color Choose a color for the background of a rule. This can also be shown in the timetable and facilitates an overview thanks to the additional optical support (for example, members' tee times can be highlighted). These colors are not transferred to the PC CADDIE://online Services.
  3. This rule applies to the following booking type You can decide here the booking methods for which the rule applies (only online, only on site, both, etc.).
  4. Override only with special rights When this option is enabled, this rule cannot be ignored by local staff with basic access, and prevents the booking. Employees must have supervisor or full access rights to make a reservation in spite of such a rule.
  5. This rule applies for he days after the day of booking The rule applies from the day of booking for the next X days: for example, for the next 3 days → Day 1 to 3 / for tomorrow → Day 1 to 1.
  6. Special Here you can enter special commands that cannot be entered using the standard settings. PC CADDIE makes the distinction between the following commands:
    - FAREA:0901 Automatic follow-up bookings will be made at the required time in a booking area different than the normal follow-up area (adjustments possible). 0901 represents an abbreviation in the timetable. For example, if the holes 10-18 are blocked on Monday, the follow-up booking should be made on a 9-hole course.
    - MAXPR:2 or MAXPR:1 A maximum of 2 players with course permission may be booked for a game.
    - MAXC6:2 A maximum of 2 players with handicap class 6 may be booked for a game.
    :!: There are no adjustments allowed, this is about fix rules.
  7. Customer information during blocking :!: Please only fill-out this field if the Identifier field is too short. Otherwise there may be the case that the search for certain rules may take too long - for example, which rule applies for an online booking.

Areas | For what booking areas applies the rule?

You can set the timetable areas for which the rule applies in the tab Areas:

You can set for which course/trainer the rule applies under the tab Areas.

The list from the tab Areas is NOT comprehensive, as opposed to the one presented in the following screenshot. The areas listed in the tab Booking restrictions are rarely ticked:

Test the booking rules

Test the rules thoroughly. You can access the main dialog of the timetable rules via the menu entry Timetable/Configure Timetable-Rules. Select the rule you want to test and press the Test button.

Define the person, date and time for the desired booking and test your configuration. PC CADDIE shows you all the enabled rules. Although the items in brackets apply during the selected period, there is no warning and they impose no limitations to this person/booking. The items without parentheses would lead to a warning.

This warning can be displayed in the timetable as well when a relevant entry is made, depending on the Description tab.

:!: Make sure you use a significant name for the rule and you provide the relevant information.

;-) Use Booking on to make it look like the “X” day is really important for you.

PC CADDIE://online Rules

The rules can also be visualized in terms of specific inputs for the PC CADDIE://online Tee time/Pro booking. The advantage is that you can directly see what is, and what is not allowed.

The various options are listed here:

Abbr.MeaningPractical use
Information WITH booking blocking
*MThe text Can only be reserved by members will be shown online.Frequently
*QOnly for members with own text-display (Text after the abbreviation).Rarely
*LThe text Can only be reserved on site will be shown online.Frequently
*DD means disable booking - WITHOUT text display.Rarely
*NThe booking is disabled. Stop signs are displayed here instead of arrows in the standard mode - WITHOUT text display.Rarely
*TThe text Can only be reserved by phone will be shown online.Frequently
*KK stands for not available, with display of the specified text.Frequently
*UU stands for not available, WITHOUT display of the specified text.Rarely
*SThis symbol means that the start time is completely blocked as soon as a player is registered, not depending on whether there are still places available or not. This is useful for trainer-option and other areas.Rarely
Information WITHOUT booking blocking
*$The text after the symbol describes an Offer/Bargain which applies within the specified time period.Frequently
*II stands for Information, which is very convenient in terms of information relevant for a specific time.Frequently
*G*G is similar with *I, but it can only be posted one time for the whole day.Frequently
*#This symbol means the same for a filter as ticking the Show text in internet for a blocking.Rarely
*PP stands for Picture. You can search for a picture in PC CADDIE://online Club manager using the File manager. For example, the picture is saved under the name star.png, and the text we are looking for is Merry Christmas. The comment composed of all this will be: *Pstar.png|Merry Christmas.Rarely
Day blocking WITH or WITHOUT display of the Timetable
*-If a day is marked with a *- the text Day blocking WITH display will be shown in the PC CADDIE://online Club manager. The PC CADDIE://online Timetable remains visible, but it cannot be booked. In practice, this is used for weekdays which cannot be booked, but should nevertheless be displayed as assignment information.Frequently
*+This symbol shows the timetable online. The text after the symbol is displayed on the timetable.Rarely
*XThis means the entire day is blocked. The timetable from PC CADDIE://online will be hidden. The text Day blocking WITHOUT display will be shown in the PC CADDIE://online Club manager.Rarely
*YThe complete timetable is hidden. Only the text that is specified after the abbreviation will be shown.Rarely

The abbreviation (Asterisk + Letter/Symbol) should always be entered in the Description field.

;-) Incidentally, these shortcuts can also be used for filters bookings and blockings.

A few practical examples are shown here:

*M Can only be reserved by members!
The registered person must be a club member from the perspective of the online database, so that they may make a reservation.
*D Cannot be reserved without information
The non-bookable times are shown in red and without information. This is less “flashy” as the next status. The text is not visible.
*L Can be reserved on site/Cannot be reserved online
*$ Bargain (special offer)
Although this setting provides information, it does not block the reservation. Please pay particular attention to the description.

;-) Show your customers the reservation options.

:!: Please note that the rules are synchronized with the online database in approximately one hour. You can also upload them manually by calling the PC CADDIE://online Club manager via the PC CADDIE Infodesktop and updating the rules: Load the rules from the local PC CADDIE System.

Example rules from practice

Maximum handicap sum in Flight 120

  1. Create new rule
  2. Enter a relevant description: Maximum handicap sum in Flight 120
  3. Tab Booking restrictions: Sum 120
  4. Tab Areas: choose the areas where the rule applies
  5. Save and upload to PC CADDIE://online Club manager for testing

Enter special rates

Highlight special pricing models or daily specials in the timetable. Also visible online and bookable for your guests, upon request.

Example: Early Morning rate

Follow these steps to define in PC CADDIE an early morning tariff during the annual course aerification:

  • You have to create two timetable rules for this: one for the Display and booking of the green fee offer and one for the Display of course maintenance times

1. Rule for display and online booking of the green fee offer

  • In the tab “Filter+Time”, define for which group of people this rule applies, as well as the times and the dates for the display.

  • In order to make the Early-Morning rate visible and bookable online, complete the rule in the tab Appearance with the special function „*$ Show as Offer/Deal with Rule Name“.

  • Save the rules with „OK“ and synchronize them with the online server in the Club Manager (under the menu item Teetime).

2. Rule for displaying the course maintenance times

  • Define the person group, times and dates in the tab „Filter+Time“ - matching the first rule
  • Make the different selection “Display rule / description as information text” in the “Appearance” tab.

  • Save again with „OK“.

This is how the result of your inputs looks like:

Only reservation by phone are possible 4 hours before the actual time

This rule is very practical especially for freelance trainers, so that a customer is not booking one training hour with 10 minutes notice, while the trainer is taking his lunch knowing that he has no appointments.

  1. Create new rule
  2. Enter a relevant description: *K Late booking only by telephone
    :!: Misunderstanding: 4 h before the actual time
    The *K ensures that this is also shown on-line. Alternative, you can also use *T for booking only by telephone.
  3. Tab Filter + Time: Rule applies from: On the day of the appointment - -4:00 h

    :!: This corresponds to the formula FROM:-0,-4:00, which can be entered under Special in the tab Description .
  4. Tab Areas: select relevant areas
  5. Tab Description: check Always warn when the time frame fits.
  6. Tab Description: here you can also assign a color.

It should look like this in the local timetable, so that the secretariat is also aware of the rule:

And the PC CADDIE://online view:

Winter rule for the course

Has it snow, or there are simply no start times during the winter? Then the following timetable rule is recommended.

  1. You can create a new rule under Timetable/Timetable-Rule.
  2. Enter the text *- Winter rule under Description
  3. Only applies for the time-frame from… to…
  4. And you need to select the appropriate areas in the tab Areas.

Now go to PC CADDIE://online Club manager at Tee times. You can upload here the rule under Load the rules from the local PC CADDIE System. You can also publish a text like the following via Text from the PC CADDIE://online Club manager as well:

Dear member, dear guest

At the moment, you cannot book a start time. FYI, you can still see the availability. Please contact us at +49 1234 567890 for your questions and concerns about the most beautiful game in the world; we are happy to personally assist you.

Your Sonnenschein Golfclub Team

This is how it looks like in PC CADDIE://online - one can see the availability (morning frost can be inserted through blocking)), but no reservations can be made.

;-) This rule can serve as example for other rules, for example when no start time booking is possible during the week. The customers can see the availability and find out when they can play.

Trainer not available

With a similar rule as previously described and using the symbol *K and an appropriate text in the Rule -Description, you can quickly and easily block any bookings for a coach for a certain period.

Limit number of bookings per account

Use the following rule if you want to limit the number of bookings per user:

Here is defined that a maximum of 2 bookings can be made on the current day (within +/- 0 days):



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