Automatic transfer of fees

:!: The automatic transfer of fees is mainly used for annual invoices in membership fee accounts (e.g., CLUB/GMBH).

Transfer fees

You proceed in the following steps:

  1. Select article
  2. Edit article if necessary (Check)
  3. Note the posting information
  4. Transfer

Select article

Go to Accounts/Setup automatic fees and the following window opens. Click on Select article to select the articles you want to automatically transfer.

This opens the list of articles you can choose from.

All selected articles to be transferred will be shown here:

Check article

Select the article and click Edit article:

;-) Let's take a look at an example:

:!: Pay attention to the following when checking an article:

Article groupThe group has to match the article.
NameThe name will be printed on the invoice.
Due-dateIt would be wise to leave this empty. The due-date will be entered when transferring (book on this date).
StatusSelect the status according to the article.
AmountThe net amount is calculated using the gross amount.
Define automatic transfers of feesCheck the input very carefully. Sometimes less is more. Each status should only appear once in an article. The better the settings, the better the result of the transfer.

Edit posting dates

The posing dates in an article itself will not be considered for the automatic transfer of fees. The date you want to be recorded should be entered during this step. The current date will be used if the field is left empty.

;-) In our example all articles are posted on 01.01.10. The monthly fees will be posted through until 31.12.10.


Start the transfer process by clicking on Sort after completing all the previous steps.

PC CADDIE will prompt you to confirm the transfer process, which you confirm with Yes, start.

The transfer process can be monitored:

The result of the transfer process can be seen in this window.

Checking the transfer

You can check the accounts of every person for the correct transfer of the fee using the Sales statistics.

You can also print check lists using the Balance list, with the extra advantage of the families together feature.

Further options

:!: the following options are only needed for particular cases.

Allocating rates

Automatic, monthly rate

PC CADDIE offers the possibility to automatically allocate monthly rates of an annual fee. An example of such an article is presented in the following image. The status „monthly“ is important. The article will be allocated to those persons who have an „M“ corresponding to the „Payment method“ field.

Individual rates

An individual rate could be used, for example, if you agree to installment payment for the admission fee. Click on Transfer of one article over some months and select a person. You also get to the same window from the person's mask. Start the process via the person's account and click on the button Sorting.

:?: Fill out the fields according to your requirements. In our example we have an admission fee that shall be allocated in 5 yearly rates.

  1. Select the customer.
  2. Select the article for the admission fee.
  3. Enter the amount of one rate (PC CADDIE will calculate the amount of a rate in case you enter the total amount).
  4. How often should the rate be posted?
  5. If you enter 01.01.11 as the first posting date, all further rates will also be posted on the 1st of January.
  6. The date needs to be adequate to the number of postings.
  7. This is where you decide whether the rate will be posted annually or otherwise (for example, monthly).
  8. 1 means that the rate will be posted every year. To post a quarterly rate, enter „monthly“ with an Interval of „3“.

You can use the following automatic functions in the article mask if you want to ensure that the following information is included in the posted rates:

<N>Rate number
<T>Number of rates
<M>Display month, for example, 03 for March
<Y>Year date

;-) Here you can see an example of an article and the corresponding account.

Allocating individual articles

PC CADDIE offers the possibility to allocate articles using special groups of persons. Do you have a lot of individual price agreements? In this case you can create a field for these persons under INFO and then enter the individual prices. More details about how to do this can be found under Persons additional info fields.

This is how you start the allocation process for your annual invoices:

The following window opens. Now enter the additional information field, so that the price can be obtained from there.

Automatically assign annually increasing contributions

The following should be noted for automatic contribution assignment:

You can see how to create the articles here: Create annually increasing contributions

If you are posting the contributions per calendar year, enter the date when you want to book and enter the end date, which is the end of the year. This may mean that if you enter during the year, e.g. 07.06.2016, the contribution for the first introductory year is booked 7 times into the account. For the years 2 and 3, the contribution is booked 12 times.

However, if you always want to post the contributions for a year from the date of admission, i.e. after the turn of the year, you must enter the following.

You also enter here again the date on which the booking should be done, but now also check the Take entry month box, and extend the date to be booked until the end of next year. PC CADDIE will post 12 months from the month of entry.

However, you should make sure when only monthly articles that indicate a filled date field are listed, otherwise the contributions would be posted by the end of the following year, which may not be desirable.

Delete account entries

It is possible to delete account entries that have not yet been billed, if you have double-booked the contributions.
Please delete only 1 date at a time, and print a sales statistics for this date beforehand, to ensure that, for example, no other installment bookings that you want to keep are prepared on the same day.

ATTENTION: Make a Fast backup beforehand!

You can delete account entries under Accounts/Year End/Delete accounts.

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