Entry list

The entry list function can found under Competitions/Print…/Entry List. It provides you with the possibility to quickly print entry lists with competition conditions and any number of available entries. The entry slots for players are printed in a table. The players use this list to sign up for the announced competition:

Heading text

With Heading text you can select the type of text that should be printed above the list. You have multiple options:

header text
No text will be printed above the list.
AutomaticOnly the automatic text - generated by PC CADDIE using the tournament definitions - will be printed.
Individual Only your own entered text will be printed above the list.
Automat. +
Both automatic and individual text will be printed.
Select the numbering from top to bottom or side by side

To enter the individual text, click the button Edit text:

  • The text can then be Saved as… text file for other tournaments or you can load a saved text with the button Text file.
  • Use the button Insert field to select and add fields to the text. PC CADDIE will fill them with the data from the input of the tournament mask. These fields are also those you fill out for the internet registration:

    HINT: Save a lot of time and effort by using the automatic:

At the top of the mask you can see the automatic text which can be deactivated if not required. In the lower section you can enter an individual text. More info to this subject can be read in the chapter „Condition text“ under Competitions/New, edit, delete. A previous created text for the competition conditions can easily be used for the entry list by simply clicking on Load from…Conditions.


In the main window for the entry list you can decide between these 3 Format options:

  1. „Two columns without club“

    In the picture you can see column (1) on the left and column (2) on the right.
  2. „Single column with club“
  3. When selecting „Individual format“ a button Define format will appear on the right hand side of the mask:

    This dialogue allows you to define your own format. If you enter the following format example…
    #No.|Name, first name |Home club |Handicap |Mobile |Dinner ||
    …you will have a list that looks like this:
  • Please note that when defining a list with two columns you will have to enter 40 characters including the two vertical bars at the end. If you want to define a list with one column you can enter 80 characters. The exact position of your cursor is indicated above the input box.
  • With Numerical you can either select „from top to bottom“ or „side by side“. An example of a list with a numbering from top to bottom is the last illustration. For the first list a side by side numbering was used. Of course this option is only available for list formats with two columns.
  • In the field Number of entry fields you define the number of players that can fit on this list. The number is freely definable.
  • If you do not need an individual format, you can use the option Print with registered players. This allows you to type in the players before the closing date and print out an entry list that includes all entered players which will be sorted be PC CADDIE in alphabetical order.



Often, players will want to play together, with priorities marked, or they will have team numbers from an online 4 player registration. As it is not possible to print recorded players with an individual layout, it would be an idea to print a list with the recorded players and the entry list via the Team rating, which is still open for further registrations.
But this works only for team numbers, so it has advantages with additional manual labeling only if the team numbers are used, and not the priorities (letters)!

Example Player editor:

Example Overview list from the team ranking:

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