PC CADDIE update

:!: Updating PC CADDIE is very important for the good functioning of the system. You should regularly check for new updates.

Start the update process from the menu Exit/Update PC CADDIE. The following message window opens; press OK to confirm:

Carefully review the settings from the next window and confirm with Continue. You should usually not change the proposed selections:

You will see the following window if your system is already up to date:

Press Cancel to close the window.

However, PC CADDIE automatically begins downloading the update if a newer version is available:

The following window opens once the download is complete; confirm with OK and PC CADDIE will automatically start the update:

You will then see the following window: PC CADDIE unpacks the newly downloaded files.

Confirm with OK and PC CADDIE will automatically update and then restart using an installation routine:

A successful update is followed by the Initial identification window which allows you to log-in again to the system.

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