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 ====== Closing a competition ====== ====== Closing a competition ======
-After each qualifying competition you will have to launch the **//Closing//** process in order to start the CBA (computed buffer adjustment) procedure - see book of handicap and play regulations (DGV). Only after this is done you can print the completed results as a list. With closing a competition all results are transferred to the player's handicap record sheets. Pcc will automatically calculate the new handicap. 
-Go to **//Competitions/Close tournament//** and select the relevant competition to open this function. In the main competition mask you can use the button **//Transfer scores//** to get to the same screen: 
-{{:de:wettspiele:turnierabschluss:turnierabschluss.gif|}}+===== General information =====
-If the playing form is set to "Single" in the main competition maskyou will see four options for closing the competitionWith any other form of play it is not possible to close a competition and transfer scores.+Your have to perform the **//Completion//** process after each qualifying competition,  so that the handicap master sheet and the new EGA handicap are updated.\\ 
 +The master sheet entries are transferred to the intranet with the next intranet synchronization.\\
-  "Not handicap qualifying" +**//Germany only: From 1.4.2016, results of "non-standardtournaments with "individualform of play should also be entered in the main sheet and thus also transferred to the intranet.//**\\ 
-  * "Handicap qualifying" +A non-handicap-effective single tournament result is entered in the master sheet without being counted (the handicap is not changed (the results are marked with brackets ()).
-  * "Not handicap qualifying, club handicaps: EDS" +
-  "EDS-Rounds" e.g., for tournaments of the VCG (Vereinigung Clubfreier Golfer)+
-It is important that every single VCG-player that plays an EDS round is processed with this competition function, as only then the scores are transferred to the VCG when closing the competition.+Select **//Competitions/Finish tournament//** and then the relevant tournament. The same dialog is available under the main tournament mask via the button **//Transfer scores//**:
-As already mentioned it is also possible to close a non-qualifying single-competition. The scores will be transferred to the handicap records but will not adjust the handicap.+{{:en:wettspiele:turnierabschluss:turnierabschluss16.png?|}}
-For a handicap qualifying competition you select "Handicap qualifying".+If you have selected the "Singlegame form in the main tournament mask, you will now see four options for ending the tournament. You can complete all of the Single game types.
-With the option "Not handicap qualifyingclub handicaps: EDS" the scores of your members with a club handicap will be counted as a handicap qualifying EDS score, whereas the results of all other players are transferred to their handicap records as non-qualifying.+  * "nicht vorgabenirksam" ("not handicap effective"
 +  * "vorgabenirksam" ("handicap effective"
 +  * "vorgabenwirksam Klasse 6(Tiger&Rabbit)" ("Effective class 6 (Tiger & Rabbit)"
 +  * "EDS-Runden" ("EDS rounds") - for example for multiple EDS rounds 
 +Select "not handicap effective"  for tournaments that have no influence on the handicap.
-With the option "EDS roundsyou have the possibility to close tournament according to the EDS regulations (see book of handicap and play regulations of the DGV).+Please select "handicap effectivefor competition that is handicap effective.
-It is not allowed to register EDS rounds in a competitionBut this function is useful if you let several VCG players play an EDS round +With the variant "Effective class 6 (Tiger & Rabbit)", only the results of the EGA class 6 (37-54 and PR) are calculated with handicap effectThe results of players with level 1-5 are entered "not effective" in the respective master sheets.
-Confirm with **//OK//** and the closing process will be launched+The "EDS Rounds" option gives you the opportunity to complete a tournament within the EDS Rounds Regulations (see requirements and game regulations, for example DGV).\\ 
 +The function is useful if you want, for example, to do EDS rounds for many players at the same time. 
 +It is not allowed to register individual EDS rounds in a tournament.
-If the option **//Transfer results to intranet//** is not activated, you will be asked to decide the following:+Confirm with **//OK//** to start the completion process. 
-{{:de:wettspiele:turnierabschluss:turnier_veroeffentlichen.png|}} +If the check-mark **//Simultaneously transfer the results list to the intranet//** was not set, the following query is generated and you can decide here whether the result list should be displayed on the intranet. The result (master sheet) itself is always transferred.
-Confirm this last query with **//Yes://**+{{:en:wettspiele:turnierabschluss:turnier_veroeffentlichen.png|}} 
-{{:de:wettspiele:turnierabschluss:abschluss_starten.png|}}+Confirm the last query with **//Yes://**
-Straight after that you will be shown the calculated CBA result, which will be explained in the following chapter.+{{:en:wettspiele:turnierabschluss:abschluss_starten.png|}}
-===== CBA procedure (since April 2012) ===== 
-The CBA calculation is in use since the 2nd of April 2012. 
-The buffer adjustment is a factor that shifts a player's buffer zone in the handicap category after each qualifying round before determining the final result which is being counted (see EGA handicap system).+===== Reminder of tournament completion=====
-The CBA values range from +1 to -1,-2-3-4 & ro (reduction only).+  * For a handicap effective tournament, the following message appears if the tournament completion was not made in a timely manner.  
 +  * **//Germany only: new as of 1.4.2016, the message will also appear for tournaments with the single game format that are not handicap effective//** 
 +  * The notification will appear from 3 p.m. on the day of the tournament, as soon as you close Pcc and the completion has not yet been made. 
 +  * You will also receive the message every morning when Pcc starts. This also applies to EDS rounds. 
 +  * Think about whether a tournament conclusion is announced. Special care is taken with copied tournaments. If the original tournament has already been completedyou cannotunder any circumstancescomplete a copy. In this case, ignore the message for 30 days until it disappears. 
-The CBA calculation (Computed Buffer Adjustment) will be launched automatically when closing a competition.+{{:en:wettspiele:turnierabschluss:runde_nicht_abgeschlossen2016.png?|}}
-When starting the closing process of competition, you will see this window:+In multi-round tournament (single game format) you will be reminded of the tournament completion for each round.
-{{:de:wettspiele:turnierabschluss:turnierabschluss.png?|}}+=====Change handicap effectiveness after completion =====
-Click "Startand you will get the CBA resultIn our example we have CBA of 0, so there will be no adjusted buffer zones.+**//The handicap effectiveness can be changed//** as soon as the results have been entered (since 1.4.2016); to do this, select the  **//Transfer scores//** button in the tournament mask and select the new setting for the round. This means that a tournament that has been accidentally completed as handicap effective can be closed again as "not handicap effective", which allows you to make the required corrections in the master sheetCompleting the same tournament for second times overwrites the results in the master sheet (a copied tournament is NOT the same tournament as the original). An //**automatic changeover message (protocol)**// will be sent to the golf associations of the countries via the intranet if the handicap effectiveness changes in the tournament settings.
-{{:de:wettspiele:turnierabschluss:cba_bewertung.png?|}}+:!You can only change the handicap effectiveness up to one day after the tournament's completion.
-Click "Print CBA result" to get this screen print:+{{:en:wettspiele:turnierabschluss:vorgaendern.png?direct|}}
 +===== Logging completion changes =====
 +Changes in the settings of the handicap effectiveness are automatically transmitted to the intranet, as of 1.4.2016.\\
 +You can see the logging directly at the end of the tournament under the "Logs" tab.
 +Here, the competition was changed to "Effective class 6".
 +The last change is always displayed and transmitted to the DGV for each round.
-===== CSA procedure (until 01.04.2012) ===== 
-:!: Die CSA Berechnung wird ab dem 2. April 2012 von der CBA-Berechung abgelöst (Das ist ein Montag)! +===== Competition cancellation/ tournament cancellation =====
-:?Was bedeutet "CSAeigentlich? +:!:A competition for which all results have been entered is always completed as normal, the "Cancel competitionbutton has no effect in this case. This is intended by the golf associations to counter abuse of the function.\\
-;-) Das Competition Stableford Adjustment ist eine Anpassungum die ein Stableford-Nettoergebnis aus einem vorgabenwirksamen Wettspiel verändert wirdbevor dieses in das Vorgabenstammblatt des Spielers übertragen wird (siehe dazu auch Buch "Vorgaben- und Spielbestimmungen"). Diese Anpassung erfolgt in Pcc automatisch.+If a handicap effective tournament has to be canceledfor example because of bad weather conditionsproceed as follows.
-Die Voraussetzung für eine CSA Berechnung sind korrekte Handicaps aller Spieler. Diese müssen alle per Intranet geprüft werden. Falls diese Überprüfung nicht erfolgreich ist (weil zum Beispiel ein Spieler einen anderen Heimatclub hat), erhalten Sie bei der CSA Berechnung diese fehlerhafte Meldung im unteren Feld angezeigt. 
-{{:de:wettspiele:turnierabschluss:csa_berechnung.png|}}+  * Enter the results of the completed scorecards as usual. 
 +  * Enter the scores of partially completed scorecards. //L**eave the missing holes empty**// It is important that you do this, because **//a tournament will only be counted as a canceled if there are actually results missing//** from players. Rememberdashes are also results! 
 +  * Players who haven't played a single hole will be disregarded from the result entry. 
 +  * If necessary, use the [[en:wettspiele:neuanlegenaendernloeschen:neuanlegenaendernloeschen&#blind-hole|BLIND HOLE]]  evaluation for the result list by only evaluating the holes played by all players. However, as usual, the blind hole rating must be set to //**no**// in order to close the tournament.
-Falls Sie einen Ausdruck der CSA Berechnung wünschenverwenden Sie den Button **//CSA-Bewertung ausdrucken.//**+As soon as you have finished entering the resultstick the "Competition cancellation" and start the completion process. **Please note that a tournament that has been completed incorrectly cannot be concluded afterwards as “cancelled”**.
-Wenn Sie weiter unbearbeitet bleiben folgt dieses Fenster:+{{:en:wettspiele:turnierabschluss:grund_fuer_wettspielabbruch.png?|}}
-{{:de:wettspiele:turnierabschluss:spieler_mit_pruefungsproblemen.png|}}+  - Set the check-mark for canceling the competition 
 +  - Give the reason (mandatory!) 
 +  - Confirm with OK
-Sie haben nun die Möglichkeit, diese Spieler manuell abzuändern (wie in unserem Beispiel die Angabe des Heimatclubsund nochmals per Intranet prüfen zu lassenErst wenn die Überprüfung der Handicaps aller Spieler erfolgreich warkann die CSA Berechnung erfolgen.+The tournament will be canceled. 
 +  * Players who have not yet started to play will not receive an entry in the master sheet. 
 +  * The CBA calculation is not applied (only valid for Switzerland) 
 +  * Results within the buffer or better are evaluated as normally effective 
 +  * All results that are below the buffer (regardless of whether the round was ended or not) are marked TA in the master sheet (only locally in the master sheet PC CADDIE). 
 +  * According to the DGVTA results that have no effect are not sent to the INTRANET master sheet. 
 +The following screenshots presents an example of a master sheet entry with the identifier "TA" (you can also see in the top left that the player has an active STV).
-Nach erfolgreichem Turnierabschluss müssen die Daten an die anderen Clubs, also an das DGV-Intranet, verschickt werdenBei der folgenden Meldung bestätigen Sie mit **//Ja.//**+  
-{{:de:wettspiele:turnierabschluss:intranetabgleich.png|}}+===== Competition was canceled =====
-===== Cancellation of competition (since 2012) =====+PC CADDIE will also ask you over 30 days to complete a cancelled tournament. You can ignore this or make the completion. If no results have been entered for the players, no entries will be made in the master sheets. However, the reminder to complete the tournament no longer appears!\\ 
 +For better clarity of your tournament list, it is advisable to add “CANCELED” in front of the tournament name.
-When it is necessary to cancel a qualifying competition, proceed as follows: 
-  * Enter the scores of completed scorecards as usual 
-  * Enter the scores of partially completed scorecards. Leave the missing holes empty. It is important that you proceed this way, as these scores will be considered for determining active handicaps. 
-  * Players that have not started playing any hole at all, should be left disregarded concerning the scores. 
-  * For a result list set the mode to BLIND HOLE and only the played holes will be calculated. But for closing the tournament you will have to set the Blind hole mode back to **//no.//** 
-As soon as you have completed entering the scores as far as possible, start the closing process. 
-Then mark off "Cancellation of competition" and start again. 
-{{:de:wettspiele:turnierabschluss:grund_fuer_wettspielabbruch.png?|}}+**//Information on how to delete a tournament from the internet can be found [[en:wettspiele:onlineturnier:onlineturnier#turnier_aus_intranet_loeschen|=>here]]//**
-  - Mark off the cancellation option 
-  - Enter the reason (mandatory!) 
-  - Confirm with OK 
-The closing process is running. 
-  * Players that have not yet started the round will get no record entry 
-  * CBA will not be calculated (=0) 
-  * Only scores in the buffer zone or better count as handicap qualifying 
-  * No exact handicap will be increased as a result of a competition being cancelled. But (no matter if the round was finished or not), these players will have an entry marked with TA in their handicap record. 
-  * Results that are marked with TA (cancellation of competition) will be included to identify an active handicap. 
-In the screenshot below you can see an example of a record entry marked with "TA" (on the top left you can see that this player has an active handicap). 
-===== Entry in handicap record sheet ===== 
-In a participant'**//handicap record//** the following entry is made by Pcc after closing the competition. Then the exact handicap will be recalculated:+ 
 +===== Entry in the master sheet ===== 
 +Pcc makes an entry in the **//master sheet//** of every tournament participant, after the completion of the tournament. The handicap is recalculated:
 {{:de:wettspiele:turnierabschluss:vorgabenwirksames_turnier.png|}} {{:de:wettspiele:turnierabschluss:vorgabenwirksames_turnier.png|}}
-This function can also transfer the scores to the handicap records even though a competition is non-qualifying (only with "Singleas form of play). These entries will not adjust the exact handicap (they are in brackets and have a light colour):+ 
 +The function also creates master sheet entries for tournaments that do not have an effect on the handicap (only game type "single"), but which have no effect on the handicap (they are in brackets and can be easily identified):
 {{:de:wettspiele:turnierabschluss:nicht_vorgabenwirksam.png|}} {{:de:wettspiele:turnierabschluss:nicht_vorgabenwirksam.png|}}
-Results of guest or secondary members will be sent to the home club via Intranet. +Results from guests or external members are transmitted to the home club via the intranetThese results are shown with square brackets in the HCP entries and do not count like in master record of members. Tournament results are only used in the home club to determine the current handicap for the main sheet.
-The record entries for guests look bit different (since 2011). +
- +
-But the competition results of guests or secondary members have always been used for calculating the exact handicap by the home club only +
 {{:de:wettspiele:turnierabschluss:hcp_eintraege.png?|}} {{:de:wettspiele:turnierabschluss:hcp_eintraege.png?|}}
 +===== Sending results from different countries =====
 +  * //**Germany**//: results are sent within Germany, and also to Switzerland and Austria. Sending results from Germany to Bulgaria, Luxembourg, Hungary and other countries is not possible.
 +  * //**Switzerland**//: results are sent within Switzerland, and also to Liechtenstein, Germany and Austria. Sending results from Switzerland to Bulgaria, Luxembourg, Hungary and other countries is not possible.
 +  * //**Austria **//: The results are only sent within Austria, there is no international interface for sending the results to other countries (as of 2018).
-===== Repeat closing a competition =====+===== Repetition of the tournament completion =====
-HINT It is possible to repeat the score transfer process of a tournament __within 4 weeks.__ The existing record entries will then be adjusted according to the results and maybe additional record entries are made. The unique competition ID will overwrite the wrong entries.+HINT: You can repeat the writing of the master sheet entries for a tournament __within 4 weeks__ . The master sheet entries that have already been written are then adapted to the results and any further entries are added. The unique tournament ID makes it possible to simply overwrites the previous entries.
-In the lower part of the mask you can see if the competition has already been closed beforeSo if any scores have to be changed you will have to start the closing function again so all adjustments are transferred to the handicap recordsA small window will pop up, asking you to enter a reason for the repeated closing processAfter that the new calculation will start.+In the lower part of the mask you can see whether the tournament has already been completedAfter changing the results, you should call this function again so that the changes also take effect in the master sheetYou will prompted a window in which you have to define a reason for the renewed conclusionThe recalculation takes place afterwards.
-You just click **//Start//** to launch this function and if necessary, repeat it as already described. The window with the CBA result will open up again and you simply confirm with **//OK.//** 
-===== Closing a competition with several rounds ===== 
-According to the regulations of the DGV (German golf association) you have to launch the closing process after each round when conducting a competition with several rounds. Please make sure the correct round is selected for the closing procedure.+{{:de:wettspiele:turnierabschluss:begruendung16.png?|}}
 +You simply start the process with the **//Start//** button and, as already mentioned, and can repeat if necessary.
 +=====Completion of multi-round tournaments =====
 +In a multi-round tournament, you must complete the tournament after each round in accordance with the regulations. Please pay attention to the correct round, and complete the tournament after each round.\\
 +It is not possible to only complete the 2nd round in a competition. If the first round has not been completed, it will be completed automatically.
-===== Closing competition, Austria=====+ 
 +===== CBA calculation (April 2012 - March 2016) ===== 
 +The CBA calculation is in use since the 2nd of April 2012.\\ 
 +The CBA calculation will no longer apply in Germany from April 1, 2016. In Switzerland, the CBA with changed calculation will only be used for HCP classes 1 to 3. 
 +The buffer zone adjustment is factor by which the buffer zone of the EGA handicap class of a player may be adjusted after each handicap effective roundbefore it is determined how his achieved result is to be evaluated for updating the handicap (see DGV regulations and game regulations 2012 to 2015). 
 +The CBA values ​​range from "+1" to 0, -1, -2, -3 to "-4RO" (reduction only / underplay only). 
 +The CBA calculation (Computed Buffer Adjustment) is carried out automatically at the end of the tournament. 
 +When you start the tournament completion, this window comes up first: 
 +The CBA evaluation begins if you click again on. In this case the CBA value is 0, so nothing changes in the buffer zones in this tournament. 
 +Click on "Print CBA assessment" and you will receive the following printout: 
 +Proper handicaps of all players are required to complete the tournament. All of these must be checked via the intranet. Post processing is required if this check is unsuccessful (for example, because a player has a different home club). 
 +If there are still unprocessed players, the following window opens: 
 +You now have the option of changing these players manually (such as specifying the home club) and having them checked again on the intranet. The tournament can only be concluded once the handicaps of all players have been checked. If the handicap checking over the intranet fails, you can also manually confirm the HCP in the person mask. 
 +After the successful completion of the tournament, the data will be sent to the other clubs, i.e. to the respective intranet of the countries. Confirm the following message with //**Yes**//
 +===== Closing a tournament in Austria =====
 {{:public:at.gif|}} {{:public:at.gif|}}
-Wenn Sie versäumenden Turnierabschluss zu machen, ist dies die Ursache für die Meldung, dass alle Ergebnisse ohne Stablefordpunkte zu GOLF.AT übertragen wurden. In diesem Fall holen Sie den Turnierabschluss einfach nach und machen nochmals einen Abgleich zu GOLF.AT.+If you fail to complete a tournament,you will receive a message informing you that all results without Stableford points have been transferred to GOLF.AT. In this case, just open the tournament data and make a comparison with GOLF.AT.
-Der Turnierabschluss funktioniert nur, wenn auch alle Spieler bei GOLF.AT geprüft wurdenSollten Sie mit Gastspielern Probleme habenprüfen Sie in Ihrem //**ADMIN GOLF.AT Bereichob der Gast-Spieler**// zur Verfügung stehtBei Bedarf sollten Sie diesen dort anlegen.+The tournament closing will only work if all players have been checked at GOLF.AT. If you have problems with guest playerscheck in your //**ADMIN GOLF.AT area**// whether the guest player is available. If necessaryyou should create it there. 
 +When you have finished your tournament and all results have been entered in the tournament, please click on **//Transfer scores//** as shown in the screenshot belowThe Stableford points that you want to transfer to GOLF.AT are sent only now. The new handicaps can also be printed on the results list. If a result needs to be corrected after the award ceremony, change the result for the player and repeat the tournament completion.
-Wenn Sie Ihr Turnier fertig abgewickelt haben und alle Ergebnisse im Turnier eingetragen sind, klicken Sie bitte auf 
-**//Abschluss//** wie im folgenden Screenshot zu sehen. Erst dann werden die Stablefordpunkte ermittelt, die Sie zu GOLF.AT übertragen wollen. Auch können die neuen Handicaps dann auf der Ergebnisliste mitgedruckt werden. Sollte nach der Siegerehrung eine Korrektur eines Ergebnisses nötig sein, so ändern Sie das Ergebnis beim Spieler ab und wiederholen den Turnierabschluss.  
 {{:de:wettspiele:turnierabschluss:abschlussat.png?|}} {{:de:wettspiele:turnierabschluss:abschlussat.png?|}}
-Weiter gehts mit **//Starten//**. Hier können Sie auch nochmals einstellen, ob Sie die Ergebnisliste jetzt zu GOLF.AT (Internet) übertragen wollen.+Go ahead with //**Start**//Here you can also set again whether you want to transfer the results list to GOLF.AT (Internet).
 {{:de:wettspiele:turnierabschluss:atabschluss.png?|}} {{:de:wettspiele:turnierabschluss:atabschluss.png?|}}
-Sie werden jetzt gefragt, ob Sie die Ergebnisse sofort ins Intranet zu GOLF.AT übertragen wollen. In diesem Fall bestätigen Sie mit **//Ja//**. Wenn Sie die Ergebnisse erst nach der Siegerehrung übertragen wollen, klicken Sie auf **//nein//**+You will now be asked whether you want to immediately transfer the results to GOLF.AT on the intranet. In this case, confirm with **//Yes//**. Click //**no**// if you only want to transfer the results after the award ceremony.
 {{:de:wettspiele:turnierabschluss:intranet-abgleich.png|}} {{:de:wettspiele:turnierabschluss:intranet-abgleich.png|}}
-Sie können sich auch nach der Siegerehrung jederzeit mit GOLF.AT verbinden, indem Sie in Ihrem Pcc oben auf der Leiste auf das GOLF.AT Logo klickenJetzt wird alles zu GOLF.AT übertragen, was für den Übertrag zuvor bereitgestellt wurde.+You can also connect to GOLF.AT at any time after the award ceremony by clicking on the GOLF.AT logo on the bar in your PC CADDIENow everything prepared for transfer is sent to GOLF.AT.
 {{:de:wettspiele:turnierabschluss:golf.at_button.png|}} {{:de:wettspiele:turnierabschluss:golf.at_button.png|}}
-Der FTP Butler sollte dann einen Übertrag anzeigen:+The FTP butler should show a transfer:
 {{:de:wettspiele:turnierabschluss:ftp_butler.png|}} {{:de:wettspiele:turnierabschluss:ftp_butler.png|}}
-;-) Jetzt sind die Turnierergebnisse sicher mit Stablefordpunkten für die Stammblätter zu GOLF.AT übertragen worden.+;-) Now the tournament results have been transferred to GOLF.AT with stableford points for the master sheets.
-Wenn Sie es versäumen, den Turnierabschluss durchzuführen, werden Sie erinnert:+You will get reminders if you fail to complete the tournament:
 {{:de:wettspiele:turnierabschluss:runde_abschliessen.png|}} {{:de:wettspiele:turnierabschluss:runde_abschliessen.png|}}
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