List of subscription articles

Print the current status of your subscription articles such as green fees, carts, training lessons, lunch specials or spa treatments. Subscription articles can only be created in a cash account area. Find some helping instructions for creating these articles here: Green fee article.

Go to Articles/Print…/Sub list and proceed with the following settings: First of all select the sub-article (1) and the time period (2) and the click Print. If you leave the time period from empty you will get the complete record of the sub-article since its sale.

You will then get the following list:

Our example shows that Mr Axel Heck has already used 3 of his 30 sub-green fees and has still 27 rounds remaining.

The status as of 19th November 2010 shows that of 120 sold sub-green fees 29 rounds have been used. 91 rounds remain to be redeemed.

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